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About Us

Our Theatre Overview

Cedar Summerstock Theatre (CST) is a highly regarded theatre organization located in the heartland of America. We offer affordable ticket prices, events, and workshops that provide unforgettable theater experiences for everyone. With a commitment to quality productions and a focus on promoting and supporting the arts, CST has quickly earned a reputation as one of the best Summerstock Theatres.

We believe that theater is a collaborative art form that has the power to inspire and transform communities. Our approach is centered around creating productions that engage audiences and cultivate the talents of our actors, directors, and theater professionals. We are passionate about promoting and supporting the arts and we strive to create opportunities for everyone to experience the transformative power of theater.

Cedar Summerstock Theatre cultivates America's best theatre talent in the friendly soil of America's Heartland. We connect communities and grow tomorrow's artists!

The Minds that make it happen

Our Staff

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Nancy Nickerson Lee

Founding Executive Artistic Director

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Craig Johnson

Guest Director-Spamlot

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Heidi Spesard-Noble

Guest Choreographer-Spamalot

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Greta Grosch

Guest Director/Choreographer

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Joey Miller

Guest Director/Choreographer-

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Nickie Kromminga Hill

Choreographer - The Wizard of Oz

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Robin McIntyre

Tech Director/Set Designer

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Sue Ellen Berger

Production Coordinator/Lighting Designer

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Barb Portinga

Costume Designer

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Angie Klaes


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Megan Joy Borgerding

Camp Director

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Anthony Walk

Equipment & Location Manager


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